2pac - R U Still Down?
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2pac - R U Still Down?

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2pac // R U Still Down? 1997年発売 未発表曲で作られたLP4枚組 "I Wonder If Heaven Got A Ghetto"、"Do For Love"収録 状態A 正規盤 ¥2700〈税込〉 ▼TRACK LIST Side 1A 1.Redemption 2.Open Fire 3.R U Still Down?(Remenber Me) 4.Hellrazor 5.Thug Style Side 1B 1.Where Do We Go From Here(Interlude) 2.I Wonder If Heven Got A Ghetto 3.Nothing To Lose 4.I'm Gettin Money Side 2A 1.Lie To Kick It 2.Fuck All Y'all 3.Let Them Thangs Go 4.Definition Of A Thug Nigga Side 2B 1.Ready 4 Whatever 2.When I Get Free 3.Hold On Be Strong 4.I'm Losin It Side 3A 1.Fake Ass Bitches 2.Do For Love 3.Enemies With Me 4.Nothin But Love Side 3B 1.16 On Death Row 2.I Wonder If Heaven Got A Ghetto(Hip-Hop Ver) 3.When I Get Free 2 4.Black Starry Night(Interlude) 5.Only Fear Of Death ▼Youtube LINK [2Pac - I Wonder If Heaven Got A Ghetto] https://youtu.be/_fCoK2OVJAc