SWV // New Beginning // RS021A
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SWV // New Beginning // RS021A

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SWV // New Beginning 1996年製 状態A ▼TRACK LIST A1 New Beginning (Interlude) A2 You're The One A3 Whatcha Need A4 On & On A5 It's All About You B1 Use Your Heart B2 Where Is The Love B3 Fine Time B4 Love Is So Amazin' C1 Use Your Heart (Interlude) C2 You Are My Love C3 I'm So In Love C4 When This Feeling D1 What's It Gonna Be D2 That's What I'm Here For D3 Don't Waste Your Time D4 Soul Intact (Interlude) ▼Youtube[SWV - You're The One] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g98E2nLF5xI